RxCheckIn connects providers and patients with a simple to use system that educates and monitors patient recovery through any procedure.


Connect to your patients while they recover at home

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Monitor the progress and needs of your patients

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Prevent patient complications and opioid misuse

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Communication at Your Fingertips

RxCheckIn allows daily, secure and convenient communication with your patient that allows both a provider and the patient to keep in touch and recover safely at home.

Educate patients to the risks of opioids and surgery. Using RxCheckIn will help you fulfill state laws and check the controlled substance database for all your patients taking opioids.

Survey templates allow you to get started right away or you can customize and create your own. Measure daily milligram morphine equivalents (MME) consumed, side effects of medications, patient satisfaction and risks for post operative infections.

Daily surveys take 2-3 minutes to complete and allow the patient to give real time updates on their recovery. RxCheckIn analyzes the data and alerts the provider if intervention is needed.

The Dashboard allows the provider and office staff to monitor pain levels, opioid consumption and progress through recovery. Our data helps you avoid costly complications after surgery due to pain, opioid misuse, nausea and wound infections.

Common FAQ

RxCheckIn is a software service that helps providers conveniently communicate with their patients after surgery as they recover at home.

RxCheckIn sends secured daily text message surveys to patients. Survey responses start a system of risk analysis to determine if further communication or education is needed.

It also allows patients to feel more connected to their provider without having to call an answering service or go into the office. RxCheckIn allows providers to quickly and conveniently obtain daily information to assess patient recovery. This can help mitigate complications by understanding issues before they become more serious problems.
RxCheckIn is intended for all medical providers who perform treatments or procedures on patients. It allows providers to have convenient daily follow-up information on the recovery status of a patient over a specific period of time. RxCheckIn can also help educate patients before a procedure to help them better prepare. RxCheckin can give your patients guided learning sessions that will give them a thorough understanding of the procedure. They will feel comforted and have less anxiety since they know what to expect and know how to prepare for the procedure.
RxCheckIn was developed for the opioid crisis to help providers monitor outpatient opioid consumption by their patients. This data will help the health care community understand patient usage, needs, and side effects of these medications. Today, RxCheckIn has expanded to include much more. It will also help monitor any measures taken before, during, and after surgery to decrease the patient's need to use opioids to manage pain. RxCheckIn is a comprehensive perioperative and postoperative tool that allows for open communication with your patients in order to provide better outcomes.
As more and more procedures are done in an outpatient setting, it becomes vital to understand how a patient is recovering at home. RxCheckIn provides a direct connection with a patient, even though they are not lying in a hospital bed. With RxCheckIn, surgeons can easily monitor patients in the post-operative period. When concerns arise, RxCheckIn helps the provider address complications that might otherwise require a patient to return to the hospital or emergency room.
RxCheckIn is a certified HIPAA compliant software solution that keeps all information private and secure. All information is sent only between patient and provider.

No personal information is shared for marketing or promotional purposes.

The primary focus of RxCheckIn is to safely connect patients to providers, and summarize the vital information that will prevent complications and hasten recovery.
  1. Complete a simple sign up form with your communication preferences. You will create a unique login and password.
  2. Schedule a start date (surgery date) and sign a consent to use RxCheckIn Service. It is free to the patient and daily survey requests will begin with your surgery.
  3. If you are prescribed opioids, watch a quick educational video about the risks, complications and alternatives to opioids. This information is required by law if you have a new opioid prescription.
  4. On the day of surgery, you will receive a text message asking you to answer a few more questions about the medication you were prescribed.
  5. Daily text messages are sent to you with a link to a survey of questions. The survey should only take about 3 minutes to answer. That is it. Simple!!!
  1. Sign up for RxCheckIn.
  2. Online training material is provided to train you and your staff. If you have any questions, we're here to help!
  3. Each provider will obtain a unique login and password and choses which procedures and surveys they want to use (or customize their own).
  4. When you schedule a patient for surgery, tell them you would like to keep in daily contact through RxCheckIn in order to monitor their recovery progress and prevent complications.
  5. Gather patient information to assess risk of opioid use disorder and risk of complications.
  6. Obtain consent from the patient to use software.
  7. Input surgery date and type of surgery.
  8. Review patient's required opioid prescription data per your state laws.
  9. After a patient's surgery, follow daily survey responses on the RxCheckIn dashboard.

The RxCheckIn system is Simple and Secure.

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